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We're the Team for Your Cincinnati Graduation Catering Needs
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

As we’ve made it out of April, that means we're on to fairer weather in May. And in Cincinnati, May — besides being baseball time — typically means one thing: graduation time. High school students, university students, and even those adorable little preschoolers are moving up into a bigger school, and who doesn’t like to celebrate this momentous occasion? You may have just assumed that the Raffel’s Catering team only provides catering services for weddings, but that simply isn’t the case. When you’re looking for Cincinnati graduation catering (or tri-state or Blue Ash graduation catering, for that matter), we offer you an unparalleled dining experience.

With the plethora of menus we offer you, we can allow even the pickiest of eaters to dine in style when you choose us to take care of your Cincinnati graduation catering services or your Blue Ash graduation catering services. From formal events to a backyard cook out, the Raffel’s Catering team takes care of graduation catering so you can focus on the more important aspects of a graduation party. (These would be, of course, the mountain of presents you’ll be receiving and the endless questions of “So what do you plan on doing with your life now?”)

To provide your 2015 graduate with the most delicious of meals, we’ve highlighted some of our best-loved tri-state, Cincinnati graduation catering services and a few of our menus below.

•     Grill-Out buffet
There is no better way to enjoy the fair weather (and your graduate’s accomplishments) than by bringing the party outdoors. As you’ve probably made this graduation party a family affair, you’re going to need an abundance of food to feed everyone. With our grill-out buffet menu, we offer you two grilled meats per person. And we have the meatiest menu in town for Cincinnati graduation catering! Whether you want all-beef burgers, brats, metts, or hotdogs — you name it — we have them all. (We can even indulge your vegetarian relatives with our veggie burgers.) You also are able to choose among our tasty offerings of both hot and cold sides, add-ons, and anything else you can think of to make a graduation grill-out the best way to celebrate your school milestone, whether it be completion or advancement. We can even coordinate a pickup and delivery schedule to fit your needs.

•     Signature Grill-Out menu
If you want to go more formal with your celebration, utilizing our Blue Ash catering services to have our signature grill-out menu at your graduation festivities is the way to go. Your picks of entrée selections range from mesquite smoked barbecue pork, marinated chicken breasts, fresh sirloin burgers, lamp chops, a variety of kebabs to vegetarian selections as well. This particular menu allows you to choose from three of our gourmet side dishes such as stuffed baked potatoes, artichoke pasta, Spanish rice, blue cheese coleslaw, grilled pasta salad, and marinated vegetables, among countless other options. As with many of our other catering services, we can arrange a pickup and delivery plan to ensure your polished party goes on without a hitch.

•     Traditional Luncheon buffet
One of our most popular menus, our traditional luncheon buffet will send your guests home full and satisfied after dining on a classic meal. With all the accouterments needed to turn any Cincinnati or Blue Ash graduation party into a dining extravaganza, we offer you a selection of meats for sandwiches, an assortment of breads, all the condiments you’d ever need, and both hot and cold sides that will leave no stomach growling. (Did we mention our noteworthy macaroni and cheese is included on this menu?) We highly recommend this menu for any graduation catering needs!

Whether you want to go all-out or want a simple family affair for your (former) student’s Cincinnati graduation catering or Blue Ash graduation catering, Raffel’s Catering is the team for the shindig. While we may be based in the Greater Cincinnati area, we can easily provide graduation catering and food services to the whole tri-state area. From downtown to Dayton and Delhi to Blanchester, almost anywhere you're in need of food, we're able to go! You don’t get to be 40-plus years in the making in the catering business by offering just one branch of catering services.

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Thank you so much for your help with everything! The day turned out absolutely perfect.
Thanks for letting us come by whenever and emailing with me. Everyone had such a great time and
we have great memories from that day.

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Lots of compliments on your food!
Everything was great! Thanks!


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Thank you so much for catering our wedding! The food was delicious!
The bartender and attendant were very helpful & professional.
Everything was wonderful!

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Thank you so much for making
our reception so delicious!


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Thanks so much for the delicious food.
Everyone loved it! Your staff is so easy and a joy to work with!


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Thank you so very much for your generous donation to Matthew 25: Ministries Holiday Volunteer Luncheons. Your donation not only encourages our volunteers, but also helps more of our financial resources fo directly to the poor.  Thank you for helping those in need this holiday season!

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We are so thankful Raffel's Catering, Inc. supported our 2012 Festival with your donation of a gift certificate for shredded beef or lasagna! We wish you and your business much prosperity.


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The the awesome crew at Raffel's - Thank you so much for the great food & kind service.
You guys rock!


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Thank you for all your help during the process of getting everything in line for our wedding. You were very helpful & professional. Thank you for making the hall look good. You guys made it such a wonderful experience for us & our guests. To top it off, the food was great!

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Thank you so much for your generous donation. Everything was delicious and enjoyed by all!
We had another successful event, in part, due to your generosity. The Athenaeum is grateful!

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We are so pleased to have booked you for our wedding.
Thank you for your flexibility and delicious food!


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