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  Is dinnerware included with the meal?

All of our catered dinners include all disposable dinnerware necessary for any of our meals. This would include things like salad bowls for a tossed salad order. We do not provide dessert plates or beverage cups unless Raffel's provides the dessert or the beverages. We do provide cake plates and forks when we provide food for wedding receptions with more than 125 guests.

Is a deposit required?

We require a $250.00 Non-Refundable deposit on all orders of 100 guests or more for catering off-site. If booking an event at one of our banquet centers, we require a different deposit process. Please refer to our Banquet Center page for the deposit procedures for our halls.

If chafing dishes are needed, can Raffel's supply them and if so what is the fee?

Chafing dishes are normally not needed for a simple drop-off order. We deliver the food hot and ready to enjoy. If you would like to have your buffet available for an extended time or for open house type function, a fee of $15.00 for each chafer is charged. This price includes the 2 sterno heat packs. If your order requires Raffel's to return for pick-up of the chafers there is an additional pick-up fee. If you choose to return the chafers after your function they must be returned within 5 days after the event.

How far do you deliver?

We will deliver normally within a 50 mile radius but we are capable of delivering to locations outside of this distance. Delivery and service fees will be arranged according to the time & distance necessary to deliver your order.

How soon do I need to place an order?

We require a minimum of 3 days notice on delivery orders but we realize that some events can pop-up for our clients and we have reacted to orders in much less time. Just give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your needs if it is possible. For events in our banquet halls, we suggest reserving your date as early as possible to make sure you don't lose it to another guest.

Can I pick up my food order?

Of course! Your order may be picked up on the way to your function hot and ready to serve or you can choose to pick it up cold and ready for the oven for serving later. We can prepare most menu orders as much as two days in advance for use during certain holiday functions when we are normally closed. All orders are picked up at our Evendale Location.

Does Raffel's leave the leftovers after the function is completed?

If Raffel's has staff remaining at your event, once all of your guests have been served and have come back for seconds, our staff will package up any food left on the buffet in pans and trays that we bring along for this purpose. This refers only to buffets that our attendants have stayed to service. This does not refer to meals that Raffel's has only delivered and dropped off at your location. It is the responsibility of the host to provide for proper food safety and handling for any food delivered to a location or for any leftovers that Raffel's has left for the host after an attended function. We do not provide leftovers at events held in either of our banquet halls.

Can we come in and sample your food?

Most of our menu items are available for sampling. There are some items that require a purchase to sample because of their special or costly nature. An appointment is required for all tastings and can be arranged with a simple call to one of our office staff.

How do we pay for our order?

Raffel's accepts most major credit cards. We also accept cash and personal checks with some restrictions. Personal check usage will need to be approved by any of our office staff prior to the delivery of your order. Checks that are returned for any reason will require a $50.00 service fee on top of the actual bill amount. Our banquet center fees and payments are listed with all of the respective menus.

Is there a minimum number that you have to order?

Our normal minimum order for any of our meals is 25. Some of our corporate clients have need for servicing smaller groups and those need a special quote. If your group does not fall in this range, please call our office and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Do you include gratuity on all orders?

The gratuity for our banquet center packages is included in the pricing. Offsite wedding receptions also have a gratuity built into the already listed per person price. Deliveries with or without servers to stay and maintain the buffet are not generally charged a gratuity but the delivery staff would certainly appreciate any modest tip that you would care to offer. This may be added to the bill prior to delivery or handed to the staff directly, whichever you prefer.

Can we provide our own food at one of your banquet centers?

Since we are first and foremost a full service caterer, any food in our banquet centers needs to be ordered from Raffel's. We do allow people to provide their own wedding cakes and we sometimes allow people to bring their own specialty cakes for birthdays or retirements. All beverages, especially all alcoholic beverages, have to be provided by Raffel's. If you have specialty ethnic dishes that you would like at your event, please contact our office and we can discuss options for you.

Do you ever recommend other service people (cakes, DJ's, etc.) for a function we are planning?

We have several service companies that we feel comfortable in recommending to our clients. We can provide those names and in some cases their services can be found on our Preferred Vendors section on our web site.

How long do you leave the food out for our guests if we use Raffel's for our reception buffet?

Raffel's allows at least an hour and a half from the serving time contracted. This allows plenty of time for your guests to come back for seconds and even thirds before we begin to pack up your leftovers for you to take home with you. It is important for the host to give Raffel's an accurate serving time to keep from going beyond the 1 and 1/2 hour serving time allotted. If our staff have to stay beyond that time frame an additional service fee could be incurred.
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Thank you so much for your help with everything! The day turned out absolutely perfect.
Thanks for letting us come by whenever and emailing with me. Everyone had such a great time and
we have great memories from that day.

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Lots of compliments on your food!
Everything was great! Thanks!


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Thank you so much for catering our wedding! The food was delicious!
The bartender and attendant were very helpful & professional.
Everything was wonderful!

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Thank you so much for making
our reception so delicious!


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Thanks so much for the delicious food.
Everyone loved it! Your staff is so easy and a joy to work with!


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Thank you so very much for your generous donation to Matthew 25: Ministries Holiday Volunteer Luncheons. Your donation not only encourages our volunteers, but also helps more of our financial resources fo directly to the poor.  Thank you for helping those in need this holiday season!

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We are so thankful Raffel's Catering, Inc. supported our 2012 Festival with your donation of a gift certificate for shredded beef or lasagna! We wish you and your business much prosperity.


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The the awesome crew at Raffel's - Thank you so much for the great food & kind service.
You guys rock!


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Thank you for all your help during the process of getting everything in line for our wedding. You were very helpful & professional. Thank you for making the hall look good. You guys made it such a wonderful experience for us & our guests. To top it off, the food was great!

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Thank you so much for your generous donation. Everything was delicious and enjoyed by all!
We had another successful event, in part, due to your generosity. The Athenaeum is grateful!

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We are so pleased to have booked you for our wedding.
Thank you for your flexibility and delicious food!


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